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China Tourist "L" Visa

Tourist visa is for persons who would like to visit China for pleasure, vacation, or medical practices.

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China Business "F" Visa

Get your business visa mailed to your door with our complete and easy to follow guidance.

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China Work and Student Visa

The student "X" visa, work "Z" visa, crew "C" visa are other china visa types. Apply through us today.

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China Visa

Alert: We are currently accepting China Visa Applications only if you reside in these 8 states:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas

The Consulate - General of China in the United States are divided into many district, and our office in the Houston disctrict can only process applicants from certain states. For more information, please visit: Consular District.

China Visa Application Access

Our Services

We are China Visa Application experts who can help you applying for a travel visa to China. We also accept applications by mail, so you do not have to travel to Houston to apply in person. Our quality China Visa Service will review your forms before submitting to the Consulate General of China, or even edit them if there are errors. For as low as $45, you can avoid the long waiting line, mail in your order, track your application processes, and have real time support. We promise to deliver your visa as soon as possible, and making sure that you get your visa quickly and securely.

The best time to apply is at least one month before your traveling date. The Houston Chinese Consulate does not offer rush application services. The processing time is typically 6 days. Please allow us a few extra days for shipping and handling.

China Travel Tips
Top 3 FAQ

Q: How do I apply China Visa by myself?

A: The best option for typical applicants is to mail your application packages to our address. We do not recommend you to submit your applications in person, because there could be errors or addtional required documents needed to obtain your Visa. Through mailing services, we could correct your errors on time, helping you to prepare your China Visa application before turning in to the Chinese Consulate, so your China Visa Request can go through smoothly.

Q: How long is China Visa valid for and how long can I stay in China?

A: China Visa is usually valid for 90 days. That means after you get your visa, you can enter China in next 90 days, and the duration of your stay is normally 30 days.

Q: What makes your service different from other Visa Application service providers?

A: We care about your needs, especially on the progress of your application. You will get notifications in your Email when we receive your application, when we submit your application, when we receive your visa, when we send your visa, and your expected Visa receiving date.