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If you are an international traveler to China, you must carry your passport from the home country along with the Chinese visa stamped on it. Your passport will be your proof of identification and citizenship; and is recognized by all countries. A visa is issued by your destination country and proves that you are permitted to be there in that country. Both these are important documents of national security, and considered very important by all countries.

Each of the nearly two million Americans citizens traveling to China every year must obtain this Chinese visa. Even though the American passport can be obtained from courthouses or post offices, or even the public libraries, a Chinese visa can be obtained only from Chinese Embassy or from the Consulates. These are the diplomatic offices of China in America.

But with very less offices of Chinese embassy/consulate available in the US, it becomes highly inconvenient for any traveler to visit any one of these embassies before leaving for China. And now the Chinese consulate has even stopped accepting any visa applications by mail citing security reasons. We at the China Visa Services Center can help you in getting your visa quickly as well as easily.

If you are not able to go in person to the Embassy in order to apply for your Chinese visa, you are allowed using an agency on your behalf. So you simply mail your visa application to us. Here we check your application for accuracy and them submit it to Chinese Embassy or Consulate. This process is usually done on the day when the application is received, and is even shipped back on the same day that the passport and visa is picked up from the consulate, by FedEx. While most other visa services take a few weeks, the China Visa Services Center can do it all in just one day if so requested.

China Visa Applications

Our sole business is of helping travelers like you in getting a Chinese visa. Hence we are the bonafide Chinese visa experts. We claim of filing China visa applications fastest at competitive prices. So you save money as well as enjoy peace of mind when dealing with us. We have been in this business for many years and enjoy impeccable service record along with a large customer base. We enjoy good relationship with Chinese consulates and can help you get tourist, business, or even any other kind of visa in shortest possible time. Also, if required we can guide you on the visa that you need. Ours is the most reliable, affordable and fast service for getting your Chinese visa.

While applying, you need to know if you require a single entry or double entry or even the multiple entry one. While the single or the double entry visas will be valid for three or up to six months, the multiple entry visas will be valid either six, or twelve or even for twenty-four months from their date of issue. Before this visa expires, you need to be on Chinese soil in order to get your new visa.

Before entering China, you need to obtain your valid visa. It is not possible to get this visa after arrival in China. After March 2004, due to the US fingerprinting all their foreign visitors, China is not issuing any landing visas to any travelers from America.

The US citizens flight without a proper visa will not be allowed to board their plane, and will surely be turned back at the airport once they arrive in China. So if you are in a rush, just call us and we will help you to get it fast enough.

China Travel Visas

If you are traveling to China for the first time, you may find getting a Chinese visa quite frustrating. It is almost impossible to someone from the Consulate to talk to you on the phone. Since Americans do not require much travel preparations for their trips to Canada, or Mexico, and even Europe, hence traveling into China and many other parts of Asia will subject them to various travel procedures that they are not used to.

China Visa Application Center has knowledgeable, efficient and courteous customer service professional who help you with these requirements and procedures. The website is extremely user friendly. We do not ask our clients to send in any unnecessary documents. The only documents that are required by the Chinese embassy/consulates are clearly listed on our website.

We have been a specialist in Chinese visa service agency since 2004 and are a premier China service agent today in the US. We have even earned a membership today in Better Business Bureau.

The relationship we share with the Chinese consulate, prompt service and reasonable prices has made us the first choice for those who travel to Chine either for business or pleasure for all their documentation needs.

China Business Visas

With so many categories of visa available, you need to know which one you need to apply for. These categories are based on the purpose of the visit or the length or both. China has nine different categories of visa. Each of these has its own privileges as well as limitations.

For China Business Visa , you need to apply for an F visa. This is for those who have been invited to China either for business or academic purposes, generally by a company or university. Such a visa is valid for six months only for either a single or in case of a double entry. It can be even 12 months for multiple entry. In case you are recruited by Chinese company, then you must for work visa and not a China business visa. And if you are hired by American company and just going to China for conducting business, you need just a F visa.

In case you are a correspondent, you need different kinds of Visa. Depending on your stay duration in China, a J-1 or a J-2 visa will be required. And for a student or intern who plans to study for more than six months of duration, an X visa will be applied for.

You need your passport in order to apply for your business visa. It should have at least six months remaining before expiring and one page that is blank. Besides, you need form to apply for visa, one passport style photo, the order form, along with the invite from the company inviting you. You also need to state the reason for this trip. Feel free to call the China Visa Services Center in case of any doubts that you may have regarding any of these documents. Talk to our experts in order to determine the kind of visa that will be the most appropriate for you, and to get it soon enough.

China Visa Services

We at the China Visa Application Center ensure that all paperwork is in order so that your China trip is a happy one. In order to do this your visa as well as passport need to be in order. There is no point in ruining your business or pleasure trip by being questioned, or getting rejected just because your documentation is not proper. Just pay a modest fee and let the experts ensure that your forms are filled in perfectly.

If you are in a city that has no Chinese consulate, you will save on the cost of flying. And even if you do stay in a place that has a Chinese consulate, to get your visa on your own will not be as easy, fast and reliable as getting it done through the China Visa Services. After all, they are well aware of what exactly the Chinese consulate looks for when they are going through your application. Thus they would be able to spot any errors even before it reaches there. And what is the point of waiting in a line and then doing it all over again when you go next for picking up your visa.

No one today would like to take a holiday from work just for getting a visa. With China visa services, there is no need for driving down to the consulate, park the car and spend hours just standing and waiting in line. A nominal service fee is enough to ensure that all your paperwork remains in good hands. In fact, you would lose so much more money when you are taking off from work.

Using China visa services is really easy. All the visa requirements are listed clearly on the website. In addition, there are links to allow you to download any application and order forms. The pricing is also clearly. There is an easy-to-read chart. Costs of various levels of service are clearly listed. Just mail your information and we would get it done in a timely manner without any kind of error. You can leave your paperwork to us and focus on other aspects of your China trip and make it enjoyable.